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Bounce Back Organization (BBO) was founded with one goal in mind – to restore justice-impacted black men into productive members of society. Just as God has forgiven and given us the opportunity to change, it is our core belief that every individual should be given a second chance.

By using technical and soft skills training, Biblical accountability, and structured support, Bounce Back Organization (BBO) will equip justice-impacted black men to positively influence the world around them. 


Operating with an in-depth understanding of the challenges that justice-impacted black men face, our “FREE” methodology has become the key element of our restoration process. BBO developed “FREE” to ensure a successful engagement when working with the participants in our program. The word free itself means to enjoy personal rights or liberties, which are entitled to every human. 

The BBO “FREE” methodology is a system that utilizes fulfillment, restoration, encouragement, and empowerment as tools to promote change in justice-impacted black men way of thinking, which is a critical first step to recovery and future success

Fulfill : To develop the full potential of. 
Restore:  To bring back to a state of health; to bring back to a former, original, or normal condition. 
Encourage : To inspire with courage, spirit, or confidence; to stimulate by assistance; to promote, advance, or foster. 
Empower : To enable or permit; to give power or authority to.

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